View about Political institutions.

As for the system of goverence running in World1 the institutions for good goverence need Reconciliation for welfare state.All institutions should work sincerely to farm a welfare state where the people get human rights.For the last fifty years because of cold war the under developing country facing security problems the institutions are running according to their security positions.Political institutions interference are hated on bases of security reasons.Suppose their foreign policies fall according to their security needs.Their financial institutions work according to security needs.Now commuting to political institutions are made weak by yellow media propoganda as divide and rules and political parties home work get weak and their political education not be delivered properly and get failure to implement constitution for welfare state.This division of people weak the political system and they never come on the policies of reconcilation.Their rule fails in goverenence.But internationally the countries need human rights implementation as welfare state.With strong political parties with experience of working sincerely for public welfare.In human family internationally every system to work under chatter of human rights institutions and the country get stronger day by in development safe according to security also.Stoping malpractice of text envision and corruption in the all institutions including political institutions.They name democracy but need of democracy never be implemented as human rights and welfare state.

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