Journalism and Journalist without education.

Education depend on truth values and create healthy society in every field of life.Parpoganda false throwing news are the uneducated faults of Education of Journalism and Journalist.This type of study spoil the life of society.When you are so called educated piller of society you should be in limits of moral values and play with in limit of real concept of Education.If your education base on lies on your self projection by hook and crock then your are spoiling the society by your writing and tongues.You r not educated your fame not ever lasting in your field.Your profession need truth not spread lies to get popular for time being.Spreading news are basic of lies for self projection.Mostly today’s new mode invented talk shows for self projection and earning by hook and crocks.Only depend on tongs like property Mafias.So talk shows are Mafias not Journalism have not education of so called journalism.If educated then you think your inner.Your inner will tell how you are spoiling the mindset of people and society.When society divisions too much then you journalism poision the mindset of people and you spread lies by your so called journalism education.Your projection uneducated personalities only look self dress but nude inner.

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