Ground Relealities of Politics.

When ever qualities of politicine defamed by different tools and forces then political institutions get weakness the society derailed in moral values and lies rule in human culture in all walk of life.Human roaming on earth without manifesto.On ground when ever political institutions without home work run without democratic constitution implementation and never get well fare state and defend human rights.When politicine forcefully depression in home work never be able to work according to his capability.Supose the system running in country from non party system converted into political party system.This is confusion stage for real political institutions.Political parties no office in country and political parties have no home work only making members by tricks on non party system.Reconcilation method is best to prevent the system running.This way your Parliament standing and defending constitution.Remember the political mind set of politicine who saved parliament not run out from parliament and given rights to four parts of Pakistan to stand solid politics and defence have confidence but unluckly that politicine defamed and force to remain confused.Old political parties stopped by force to work under pressure.Then how rights be given equally and how well fare state will come into being.Althoug many system tried many time all fail because of Adokism.Let the old political parties with experience do the political home work with experience politicine.

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