Concept of Rule.

In past the rule in areas to conquered area with power of manforce having skill of fighting.More over fighting to hold area and tribes living on that area.Whole life of human living in tribes and living only with concept of getting good and shelters.Their shelter on earth to pass their life in caves their modern life is only this type.Then age start to shelter in self made houses only defend them from animals and safe from weather..For animal man made weapons with iron available.More over due to enmity grow in them different issue created due to hunting animal or due to self land for their food.Who conquered land become king with combination of different family members.Kings living try to rule human with his own made laws of goverenence.Two rival of kingship grown were religion give resistance to finish rule of kings after so many years too much killing of innocent human on earth.Religion rule was like kingship giving under shelter of religion.Many years pass and human killing going to short their population,Then they compromise to select countries LEAVE all tribe farm society and only defend their borders of living countries.This form of life gives more Crual they study dangerous weapons to kill each other to finish population and nesisty of food decrease.Not only dangerous weapons but dangerous mindset of intelligence spy type force to kill each other killing innocent human living on earth and conquered land to rule on left innocent human.This way this world going on.

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