Love Rose a sign of life

This topic related to a person who love sincerely from teenage with a personality who was attractive due heart loving.The lover only seeing going in morning to higher school he also in higher school.As time passes that person only seeing and due to shyness never reach here.That age not like age of electronic age.Only reading books of loves and poetry.As time pass he reach the goal of writing letters in fear and get response in fear then some talking according age but sincerely never mix up due to that age which is called underdeveloped society.Time girl become woman and married to another man.But lover gone to another countries for earning to pass life.That women become mother of her children from other husband.Both are worker to earn life with children.In the mean time the lover married but never for get past life of lover after twenty years seeing love with that woman with grey hairs but their love with smell of follower in the mean time woman get cancers and died.Then lover due to Gray age heart patient and face kidney failure and on dialysis when talk but his memories with that love in teenage.His love like rose smell of life.