Musical,hard luck political field

Seventy three years pass political field working hide historical mistakes.Since birth baby taking bath.Biging give bath to be Islamic state that bath water suspicious too much guide different way to give bath then work start hide mistake Useing Qauid saying when he died unlucky for nation soon.His death was too harmfull for state and usefull for those who want to hide their wrong solgons.Then political institutions on other hand with mixing of Landlords fewer and land reforms.On portion done land reforms politically through Law houses.That was right path to strong the political institutions.Second part was mindset Land Lords and too much Lands on personal families.From this part intrigues dig grave of political institution creating issue of language and misfired the human living in East Pakistan then reaction started.Whole intrigue policy again started to hide mistakes to get rule in any way.Civilian bearocracey and military beaurocrates start to hide mistake and public to mind washed through education in education courses hide truth to safe their rule.Infiield of politics imposed Abdo degrade Landlords not take interest in politics just to hide the basic mistake.Then like english ruler policies the land Lord new generation come forward to take part as partnership hide mistakes to get rule.Then same way Capitalism get rise that child again given bath of business mafia and land mafia water.Now seeing how much water effect full generation going to graves seeing bath but pure Water never be available.